Name: VIP Rank | Season
Price: 12.00 USD


  • [VIP]Prefix in-game.
  • VIP Access (ability to join a server even when it's full).
  • Ability to Silk Touch mine all kinds of minable spawners or without silk touch.
  • Access to a private vault- 2 Vault Rows
  • Assured extra rewards in vote parties.
  • Access to 3 Set-Homes.
  • Fast Support From Staff
  • Access to use color code in public chat
  • A Special VIP Kit 
  • Access to chop tress with cool animation. (10 sec cooldown)
  • Keep Inventory Always On.
  • Name Color Will Be Yellow.
  • Keep Inventory On.

Consumables (on purchase):

  • 3000 Blocks Claim Blocks.
  • X5 Vote Crate Keys
  • X1 Hybrid Special Key.


  • /vault 4 or /pv 4– Opens your private vault.
  • /clearinventory – quickly clear your inventory (caution it’ll remove everything).
  • /helpop – Send Private Message to Admins in-game.
  • /kit VIP Can Be Claimed Weekly
  • /sethome x3 – Set home up to 3 places (use /homes to check).
  • /afk - Set yourself away from keyboard by using this command.

Note: All Bonus Claim Blocks carry over in a reset.