Name: VIP+ Rank | Season
Price: 20.00 USD


  • [VIP+] prefix in-game.
  • VIP Access (ability to join a server even when it's full).
  • Ability to Silk Touch mine all kinds of minable spawners.
  • Access to Tree Feller (cut down a whole tree at once and collect items automatically in your inventory)
  • A Special VIP+ Kit Which Can Be Claimed Weekly
  • Access to 8 private vaults.
  • Assured extra rewards in vote parties.
  • Yellow Name Color
  • Fast Support From Staff
  • Access To Write Colored Text 
  • Access of VIP rank as well
  • Keep Inventory On

Consumables (on purchase):

  • 4000 Blocks Claim Blocks
  • X8 Vote Crate Keys.
  • 2 Hybrid Crate Key


  • /vault 8 or /pv 8– Opens your private vault 8.
  • /clearinventory – quickly clear your inventory (caution it’ll remove everything).
  • /helpop – Send Private Message to Admins in-game.
  • /colors- Helps You To Write Colored Text 
  • /kit VIP+ Can be claimed weekly
  • /enderchest – Open your Ender chest anywhere you want no need to carry it around).
  • /condense – Quickly convert all craft-able items into blocks in your inventory.
  • /afk - To Be Used When You Are Away From Keyboard 
  • /sethome x7 – Set home up to 7 places (use /homes to see all set homes.)

Note: All Bonus Claim Blocks and Crate keys (if not used), will be carried over in a reset.